Land O' Lactation


A giant Lionel scale locomotive landscape of mountainous breasts sporting geysers of milk, created with my spouse, Jeffu Warmouth. Featured in the exhibition Trainscape: Installation Art for Model Railroads at the DeCordova Museum, Sep 1, 2007 - Jan 13, 2008.



Extract from the proposal

There are nipples in those hills! The wholesome granite mountain landscapes of Yellowstone National Park have been replaced by vistas of curvy, lactating breasts and the hungry mouths of little babies. Steaming geysers of milk shoot forth from sandy desert nipple mounds. Fluffy white clouds harbor searching lips looking to latch onto a mountain peak. Sand formations will take the shape of open, waiting lips to catch trickles of milk. Eccentric groupings of nipples, noses, mouths and cheeks will add points of interest throughout.

What is landscape to an infant? He can see about 12 inches away and only finds comfort in nursing and other close physical contact. His known world is a relatively giant woman’s body. In caring for the baby, the mother’s most often regarded vistas are his body and her own. This work links the feminization of landscape (conquering the old west, the “abduction” of Europa) to a literal experience from a mother’s point of view.