Original Marbled Drawings are available through Gallery Kayafas. Prints are available online at Society6.

This catalog of drawings is available by contacting Kayafas Gallery. There are 15 full color reproductions and a brief essay by Deb Santoro. 9" x 12".


Wetmore earns Massachusetts Cultural Council Film and Video Grant

Wetmore is a 2017 Massachusetts Cultural Council Film and Video Fellow

Wetmore creates program to help artists build business skills

A darkly comic mural using comic-book-style illustration makes surreal connections between mother, child, and breast; the last is clearly an entity unto itself. Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe.

Her works comically deflate, poke fun at, and savor pregnancy and other bodily wonders and indignities. “I think about bodies and their gross physicality. How do you lighten that up?” Her work is both funny and vaguely creepy. “I think of humor as mitigating the atrociousness of everyday life.” Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe